Mittwoch, 28. März 2007

Design: / Frankfurt

Recipe for cooking a famous building in about 6:40 minutes (or: Pecha Kucha-Night-Show with 20 slides – each with 20 seconds):

6:40 minutes left
Say hallo to everybody while dressing up like a cook

6:20 minutes left
Seperate white from yellow of an egg, stamp “Erdnussflips” until you have peanut-flip-crumps

6:00 minutes left
Give egg yolk into bowl, peanut-flip-crumbs with it

5:40 minutes left
Whisk white of the egg, peal apple

5:20 minutes left
Mix egg yolk and crumbs until smooth, cut apple

5:00 minutes left
Add wine and flour

4:40 minutes left
Fold in beaten white egg, add applepieces softly

4:20 minutes left
Put apple-dough into deep fryer

4:00 minutes left
Have a cigarette while applechicks fry

3:40 minutes left
Talk to a friend while applechicks fry

3:20 minutes left
Talk with somebody about similar recipe while frying

3:00 minutes left
Inhale the odour of applechicks while frying

2:40 minutes left
Have a look into deep fryer, let your friend know that applechicks need another while to fry

2:20 minutes left
Keep cool while applechicks fry

2:00 minutes left

1:40 minutes left
Take applechicks out of the deep fryer and let them drain

1:20 minutes left
Form a famous building out of the applechicks

1:00 minutes left
Tickle icing sugar over the building

0:40 minutes left
Focus red and blue light on it while listening to the ideas what building it might be

0:20 minutes left
Show role model Torre Agbar from Jean Nouvel

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